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A boutique of professional personalized health treatments & holistic wellness guest services in Bukoto, Kampala



Chiropractic: A holistic health care profession, specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neuromuscoskeletal disorders. It utilises spinal manipulation and manual therapy in the correction of dysfunction and its effects of the nervous system. Chiropractors also educate on how to optimise overall health and performanceusing excercise, ergonomics and other strategies. Book your session on 0752994469.


Physiotherapy & Manual Therapy: health care, primarily concerned with the remediation of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention. Manual therapy is an extended form of physio therapy which takes into account the interrelation between muscles, joints and nerve system to treat the cuase of a problem with manual techniques rather than the symptom only. Book sessions on: 0794834845



Micro-Current Facelift 60 min Relaxing & painless, this non-surgical treatment tightens up and strengthens the facial muscles, reduces puffiness and circles around the eye, with noticeably less visible wrinkles.


Massage Therapy 60 min Targets to reduce painful muscle -conditions through deep tissue massage, trigger-point treatment and therapeutical stretch, focusing on the back, shoulders, legs and feet. Suited to your preference: deep tissue / mix / soft & relaxing.

75,000UGX per 1 / 650.000 per 10

Cellulite Reduction & Manual Facelift Package 60 min Body brushing with our Himalayan Robusta & Sesame Oil proprietary blend in target areas helps to reveal healthier, newer skin. With repeated performance, body brushing can create a tighter, more uniform appearance. Manual facelift stimulates collagen production with resultant improved skin stability on both the face and neck. Package also reduces bloating & improves circulation, revealing your inner glow.

80,000UGX/700.000 ugx per 10

Salsa course 60 min: Enjoy Latin Heat by learning salsa, bachata, and merengue.

5 Weeks ourse 1hr/Week, 240.000/couple

1-to-1 60 min: Personalized training, tekas you step by step with adequate exercise and advice to reach your goals effectively and with enjoyment and designs individually training and diet programs adjusted for your special needs and a tight timetable.


Holistic exercise classes:


Yoga & Meditation to enhance physical body functions and via Meditation to quieten the mind. Pre-booking required for drop-in classes  maximum of 6 guests

Soma Move: A new swedish holistic training approach, soft, yet powerful for all ages, mobilizing muscles, joints and nerves.

Body Ball Toning: Functional exercise which involves the key muscles, coordination and balance capabilities to train a good posture and increases strength and stability.

Drop-in 30,000 ugx, 120,000UGX per 5 sessions per individual (package valid 5 weeks)

Diet Modification Weight Management Our Health Foods are used as the nutritional foundation in our sustainable 'Lifestyle Makeover' readily adaptable to all environments.

Catered Events Include hen / stag parties; bridal showers / bachelor parties; cooperate team building.

​Gift Certificate Available in units of 100,000UGX. Purchase minimum 500,000 UGX and get value checks of 50,000UGX; minimum 1,000,000UGX and get value checks of 150,000UGX (certificates valid 1 year)


Consultations  Free by-appointment consults, 15-30min, are required except for Massage, Yoga & Dance.



Directions; From Kabira Country Club: Branch right towards Bukoto Market, continue straight til reaching Engen Petrol Station, branch left at the junction, continue down towards Kampala International School, KISU. In the junction just before the school, branch right. Continue about 200mtrs, and branch first road to the left onto a murram road called Grace Musoke road. Continue straight straight, passing a small junction, ten 2nd gate (greyish) on the left hand side is Aniara Wellness studio.



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